Meetings that Don’t Suck

Season 2, Episode 13

Meetings that Don’t Suck No one likes meetings because they are long and nothing gets accomplished. You can change that.     In today’s episode we’re talking about Patrick Lencioni’s book Death by Meeting. Most leaders are having the wrong meetings and thats why their employees hate them. Lencioni describes the four types of meetings […]

7 Tips for New Leaders

Season 2, Episode 12

7 Tips for New Leaders This episode is for those who just got a new promotion or just need a refresher on the basics.   Stay humble- you can’t do it alone Know your role- are you a manager or a leader Take time to know yourself- know your strengths Get to know your team- […]

What Does Your Team Want?!

Season 2, Episode 11

What does your team want? Are you motivating you team members as a group or as individuals? Most companies put out incentives and different levels of bonuses but still find that much of their team isn’t working or performing any harder. This is because what the company thinks is a great bonus may not be […]

It’s Just My Personality

Season 2, Episode 10

 It’s Just My Personality In this episode were talking about communication breakdowns. Guess what? The problem is you. We give information the way we want to receive it and often the person your talking to doesn’t process information the same way you do. This is because you have different personality styles. There are many different […]

Goals and Resolutions Part 2

Season 2 Episode 9

Goals and Resolutions Part 2 Happy New Year’s and welcome to part two of our goals and resolutions topic. If you haven’t listened to part one, please go back and listen to it before you proceed with this episode. Goals force you to dream, but first think about why you set your goal. Why do […]

Resolutions and Goals Part 1

Season 2 Episode 8

In the first part of Leadership Builders first ever two part episode, we are talking about the difference between New Year’s resolutions and goals. Happy holidays! We hope you survived the Christmas craziness and are ready to get started on a wonderful new year. What is everyone’s favorite habit on New Years? No, not drinking. […]

Star Wars and Leadership

Season 2, Episode 7

Star Wars and Leadership A short time ago in a studio inside this galaxy, two incredible podcasters set out on a mission to accomplish what all that came before them failed to do: to teach you what they learned about leadership from a galaxy far, far away. This is their epic saga. Today we are […]

Work Life Balance with Stacy Kleinhaus

Season 2 Episode 6

The Perfect Work Life Balance Does work life balance exist? We brought special guest Stacy Kleinhaus into the studio today to help us discover how to put our lives in balance. Please click here to receive your free ebook on work life balance.  As Tim remarks in the episode, there are 1440 minutes in your […]

Trust Me with Firefighter Robert Zinny

Season 2 Episode 5

Trust Me Do you trust your team? Do they trust you? Today we are talking about why trust is the most important thing you can build with your team. We have a special guest in studio today, firefighter Robert Zinny. There are two kinds of trust, common and vulnerability. Common is normal societal trust: expecting […]

Conflict in the Work Place

Season 2 Episode 4

Conflict in the Work Place Is it okay to yell at your coworkers? The answer is sometimes it is good to yell and be passionate about your work. More often than not it is good to have a conflict that gets heated in the office. It means your coworkers and team are excited about their work […]